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Going Home

December 1st, 2008 by

Oh Hellagems. Such grand plans I had.

This morning saw me unprepared. Rather than posting from the vaults, a quick sketch would better fit the bold spirit of our new experiment, I thought.

An unstudied 10 minute sketch can certainly showcase one’s cliches. It resembles this song. Could be a good thing, I guess.

Not that there aren’t better things in the tubes. We shall consider this a baseline.

A year in exile and nothing much to show
A broken pair of glasses and a borrowed Yamaha PSR-300 piano

I’m going home

Two weeks left so I don’t have time to burn
After waiting in line some hours I have permission to return

I’m going home

I have no idea if it will soothe this loneliness
Or if I still will feel as close
To the people I have left

I’m going home

Going Home

4 Responses to “Going Home”

  1. gojirra

    neato : )

  2. Mike

    Three cheers for boldness! Now I must go play piano myself, and nurture the seed of inspiration you have planted. I think a big part of the bold experiment will be learning from each other’s cliches.

  3. E. Robert Frank

    I likes. I pretty much will be posting something quick and dirty since the past days have been occupied with (not) writing a film paper.

    But how dirty will I get.

    I would like to go Dirty South, but with the cold it is hard to conjure my inner Lil’ Jon.

    We shall see!

  4. Alex Rudnick

    Graham! 🙂

    Everybody’s pumped about your visit — it’ll be super-awesome!

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