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mushroom dance party

December 27th, 2008 by



I really wanted to have an actual song and not just do some editing in ableton, but I actually got lazy, nor was I alone enough to feel comfortable singing to my heart’s content, so I ended up doing something quick and dirty. Ryan mentioned the tweakbench plugins so I decided to download them and play around with them (thanks Ryan!), I used some of their intruments and effects and used the glitch some more on this one too. I feel like this one was a little more repatative than I would have liked, but it was fun to make. And even though I say quick and dirty, i ended up spending a couple days on it.

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  1. ravelite

    This is nice, complex enough to be more than “quick and dirty”.

    Thanks for pointing out the tweakbench plugins. Sometime soon I want to try using them as instruments in ChucK.

  2. erf

    Ditto on the tweakbench plugins. I forgot about those… I lost them in a format a few system installs ago (try installing OSX on an x86 machine, whee).

    I like this a lot. I imagined Miami Vice if it was set in the world of the Mushroom Kingdom. 😀

  3. gojirra

    I love the toad vst which is what I think you used for the nes sounds? a very nice “get work done” song.


    i really like how you put the tape stop on the flutey sounding thing. if that makes any sence.

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