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Elegy for Eugene

January 7th, 2009 by

So, Eugene isn’t actually dead yet.

This is the last part of the rock opera Kelly and I have been working on. The opera is about a fabled Emerald City of Venus. (we pulled the story idea from Jacques and Maurice, an earlier story+music track.) Eugene founds the city out of his heart’s visions and inspiration, but then needlessly deceives her people without any particular reason. So he has to go.

Emerald City loves him and writes him an elegy.

Elegy for Eugene

Exiled the leader from his land
to return someday
Emerald City will yet stand!
and fall someday

Here is a man whose history redeems
his weakness and lies
He built a city using only dreams
and dubious schemes

Men who did both right and wrong
They do no harm within a song

V Bain graciously played ‘cello on this one and she is awesome.

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  1. erf

    Splendid, just what I hoped the end of the album would sound like. Really looking forward to hearing the rest…

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