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January 8th, 2009 by


I found this song on my old hard drive and decided to remix it, the original is a song I made probably a couple years or so ago, but I decided to import the tracks into ableton and use some of the live mixing techniques that ableton kind of forces you to do, so I made them into loops and re-mixed them. I also added in some midi chord progression with a lead using the tweakbench intruments again. It just so happened there was an instrument in there called tapeworm, but I think I instead ended up using rebar. The vocals on this say “the tapeworm, takes just enough, to keep his host alive” When I heard it again after so long, I realized it’s a really weird and kinda cheesy song, but I thought that maybe with some heavy reverb on the vocals it would muddy up the vocals enough to not make them seem so literal. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. This one took me about 3 hrs to make.

3 Responses to “tapeworm”

  1. ravelite

    This would be great in a club. I’d love to hear the original!

  2. Kelly Vines

    I think this is awesome. Your comment about it being “cheesy” really struck me as odd… I thought it was extremely creative! And, like Graham said, this would be awesome in a club.

  3. aaron

    i like it 🙂
    especially the chimey part around 4:00

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