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We Can Make It Together

January 12th, 2009 by


It being my first submission to this venerated site, yesterday I embarked upon the creative process with some trepidation, a plateful of eggs, a one and a half hour car ride to Athens, and an unfinished idea in hand. Arriving there, I related to Graham and Kelly my dilemma and they offered its suitability for inclusion in their nigh on finished rock opera. Thusly equipped I finished off the idea’s lyrics to fit into the proffered opportunity.

I had the whole melody and the first guitar part on the instrumental outro worked out, but nothing else, not even the chords. I also had the cheesy wordplay refrain: “Though I want to go home, in thirty years I won’t have home unless I make it/ Unless I make it with you”. Graham and Kelly suggested that this general sentiment would fit right in with a missing slot in their opera, a song where Eugene tries to persuade his followers to follow him into the desert to find his dream city, Emerald City. So naturally I took whatever emotions led me to that line and projected them onto Eugene, and there you go.

Vocals by me, Kelly contributed vocals before the instrumental outro, guitar is me, bass is Graham, loops is me. Help from Graham and Rob working out the chords for the entire thing.


4 Responses to “We Can Make It Together”

  1. erf

    I’m just happy that I was there to egg you on when you tentatively asked “Should I double the guitar solo for every note at the end?” YES, HELLS YES


  2. billjings

    Frankly I am just happy to have recorded something

    Men who did both right and wrong
    They do no harm within a song

    Unfortunately work has made me hard and unyielding and uncollaborative

  3. Mike

    I’m really into the electric guitar.

  4. billjings

    Thanks. I can guitar nerd something fierce on that outro sound if you want to hear it.

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