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Felix Fresh, First Foray

January 17th, 2009 by


Hello my fellow music fans, this is my first post on this site of my longtime friend Mike and I am exited to post my work and see what peoples’ reactions are!

This track was a Romanian language, christian electro-folk pop song made for the people of my mom and dads church on Christmas. When I made it, I had to be careful not to have the snare or clap on the 2 and 4 beat because that would give it too much rhythm –which the more traditional, old-european audience is not used to.  I also threw on the T-Pain effect because:  1) I can only sing well enough for demos, and 2) nobody would notice it or know that all these artists are on a Autotune craze. A few older ladies came up to me and tried to enthusiastically describe how smooth the voice sounded. (I didnt bother to mention it wasnt my real voice). 

The song was an attempt to be kind of folk style in the way “ethnic music” is in Romania and also an attempt to bring digital sounds and instruments to an audience that traditionally isnt used to them. I wanted to make a good song people would like, even though nobody is used to liking stuff like this. I wanted them to be shocked, then surprised to find that they undeniably enjoy it. It got a pretty good response from a bunch of people when I performed it live on Christmas day.

My favorite part was recording the lyrics. I recorded the melody of the vocals in one take. I just started recording and sang, with no plan in mind, just letting the instrumental take me wherever. This was one take, first take, and it came out like that. (I don’t know how to sing good). After that, I wrote some Romanian lyrics to go with the freestyle english lyrics I did.

3 Responses to “Felix Fresh, First Foray”

  1. ravelite

    it has a nice free sound. if you brought this to a new audience, you succeeded!

  2. Kelly G

    I really like this track, by the way. Now I’m curious about what your real singing voice sounds like. 🙂

  3. gojirra

    this is tight as fuck.

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