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hyphy vs. bachata

January 18th, 2009 by


Here’s a mashup of “Dos Locos” by Monchy & Alexandra and “Yes Sir” by The Pack.  The original inspiration was me thinking that the lyrics “que tontos, que locos” would go well conceptually with a hyphy track.  I hope this bilingual play on words works, but my Spanish is pretty weak so I don’t know.  I had to listen to a lot of hyphy songs to find the right one, and in the process I also gained a greater appreciation for the genre.  My appreciation for the genre of Bachata has grown as well – especially the sweet guitar arpeggios.  I hope you all enjoy.




2 Responses to “hyphy vs. bachata”

  1. cole

    dude this is hella good. hyphy should always have bachata beats

  2. ravelite

    fits well. thanks for introducing me to new music.

    nice lfoy chirpy sounds in the chorus!

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