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Neon flameZ

January 19th, 2009 by

Neon flameZ

In this song I sampled music from the movie Santa Sangre and then added drums and keyboards. I played live drums, then cut them up, and sequenced them on Reason. Hope you enjoy this Spanish Gem!

6 Responses to “Neon flameZ”

  1. Graham

    Nice, very well titled as well. Also would be great under rapping!

  2. Mike

    This sounds like my head is being surrounded by glowing lights.

  3. cole


  4. erf

    The looping nature of this makes me imagine a really awesome side scrolling video game where you play a cowboy in a spaghetti western. I’m thinking classic 8 bit side scroller. Oh yes.

  5. gojirra

    this is fantastic. def on my playlist. this feels like one of those should be in a movie tracks.

  6. Felix

    This reminds me of something that could have been in the movie Frida. I heard it a second time on the radio as it was playing and the sound was really catchy.

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