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hydrophone sounds

January 20th, 2009 by

Fishing for Sounds

She told me she made a hydrophone by sealing a pair of earbuds with hot silicone. If we have our picnic near the port I can test the recording… but we couldn’t get in the harbor. Which left the beach. She tried at the edge of the water, but I thought we should try submerging it more. Offered to doff my shoes and try. We got a new sound (entry) for sounds of barcelona and it was a good excuse to jump in the ocean.

med. sea at 3pm

This evening I tried to gussy it up a bit with some granulation and some comb filters, but I think she is a natural beauty fine how she is.


6 Responses to “hydrophone sounds”

  1. Mike

    Cool! This reminds me. Recently, I read about who would put a condom on a regular microphone and then submerge it in mud. Some of the sounds for the molten pit in Terminator 2 were recorded that way.

    Did you detect any subs? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrophone

    P.S. CAPTCHA seems to work fine.

  2. ari

    Really cool experience! We should try more! In fact, to make the hydrophone I used the earbuds cable but I de-solder the headphones and put a mic capsules instead. I was following the instructions from digifishmusic in freesound:
    You can listen to other sounds I recorded, for example this efervescent vitamin:

  3. ravelite

    Oooo! Thanks for the update. I misunderstood the technology. But thanks for linking to that thread… we should try more underwater recordings soon!

  4. Greg H

    Liquid gross-out. Reminds me of the womb. High potential for these weird sounds.

  5. Jerko

    I’ve always wanted to record with a microphone submerged.

  6. gojirra

    really juicy sounds. a strange experience.

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