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Why Jackie

January 21st, 2009 by


This is more of a tribute to JFK and Jackie K. I have a record of JFK speaches and tributes and stuff so I sampled that through a microkorg vocoder in the key of some chords that are in the song. the guitary sound is a pre recorded sample from a yamaha DJX keyboard and half of the beat was made in ableton and the other half was from a rhythm on the yamaha. That’s it. I had so many problems tonight getting my computer and sound card to work, that I decided to stop where I did and finish the rest later, this was mostly an experiment with the vocoder and the record playing through it. PS sorry if the volume is too low.

5 Responses to “Why Jackie”

  1. erf

    I like the feel of this a lot… of course, I’m always in favor of simple electronic beats. Also, now I really want Live 8 to come out so I too can have some fun with a vocoder.

  2. Mike

    Presidential. I like the vocoder.
    @rob: I really want Live 8 to come out soon too. I need real track groups.
    New JFK idea:
    Hip-hop beat that samples this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oCrI2wj-Eo&feature=related and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W50RNAbmy3M.

  3. Kelly G

    Spooky, It sounds like hes talking across time, like a ghost.

  4. Felix

    I really like that format of: Why “name” Why? Its a good compact yet vivid song title. It makes me want to hear the song. I also like the breakdown at 0:40 musically.

  5. gojirra

    this is so great! I am going to use my korg vocoder too!!

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