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Stereo (Reverse Stereo)

February 4th, 2009 by

As usual I waited too long to start on my Hellagem, leaving myself only today to do it. I spent a lot of time getting my drum set configured to work with the sample sets I have, then just played the drums for the while trying to find a beat I liked, figuring out the melody as I played the drums, which is something I’ve never tried to do.

Then it was 4pm and I had work at 6pm, so I recorded the drums in a quick take, chopped them up to make the structure I wanted, quickly figured out the chords (capo on the 4th fret), kept the chords simple since I didn’t have time to worry about whether they were generic or not (they are).

To record the $20 guitar (found at a flea market, always wanted a classical guitar like this, nice and dead sounding in the right ways) I used a stereo mic that was gifted to me by LZQ (he’s got a sweet Hellagem on the way guys). I thought that using the stereo mic would save me the trouble of trying to figure out how to pan things to make them fit in the mix. I was so pleased with the results that I recorded the vocals this way, then one of my Casios. I had always planned on trying to mic a Casio rather than record direct in, and despite the mono speaker the stereo mic seemed to make it sound more “natural” to me, as it sounds to my own ears I suppose. Then I turned the mic over and recorded an ultra dirty backing vocal. While messing around I said “Stereooooo” on the first vocal track, then a quick “Reverse Stereo!” on the backing one, which I decided to leave in since this song has no title and no lyrics yet. I say some English phrases but I wouldn’t concentrate on those too much.

Anyway, considering the results for the time invested I think I’m going to start using Mr. Trusty Stereo Mic for these things.

Also, this is a lot more jaunty than I usually am, I blame starting with this beat (which has stolen ideas from two songs I’ve played multiple times in Rock Band – “Maps” and “You Got It”). I’m not saying I don’t like it. I’m just observing… aloud.

Stereo (Reverse Stereo) – Download

4 Responses to “Stereo (Reverse Stereo)”

  1. Felix

    I like the way it comes in. It reminds me of a film intro and also reminded me of Once Upon A Time in Mexico and the way the music in that movie was paced. (Not that is sounds Spanish). Part of what makes me like the way it comes in is that little quiet piano-bell keys sound in there. I also like all the cymbal work.

  2. Kelly G

    Catchy. I like the free-style lyrics. I often get caught-up on writing lyrics. Even when I don’t really have anything linguistic to say I usually want that vocal track.

  3. Billings

    Diggy diggy. As Kelly said, your knack for improvising something to sing is to be envied. Perhaps you have a future as a Soul Coughing.

    I guess it’s hard to ask for more vocals in the mix when you made it up, but… here I am. I’m asking.

  4. Kelly G

    Also, thanks to the call and response at the beginning, I have a mental picture of two Robs charing a microphone.

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