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Fingertips (Untitled 3/12)

March 17th, 2009 by


I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Davie, FL, visiting South Florida this week for Spring Break with Joe (who I went with to Biloxi, MS where “6 Hands” was recorded), which has unfortunately precluded me from creating a St. Patrick’s Day themed Hella Gem, sadly. I recorded this track last Thursday morning after missing my 9am class, spending a couple of hours working on this before my 12pm Habitable Planet class. Save for the lack of cohesive lyrics within the improvised vocals, I’m fairly happy with how it turned out.

As has been the usual case, I recorded this song using the Ableton Live 8 Beta. The harpsichord sounding patch that comes in during the “chorus” bits is a patch from the new Collision instrument. The song was mostly written using that patch after a rudimentary 909 beat was made. I recorded the vocals, then a patch from an FM8 synth, then the acoustic guitar, then the bass. After I was done recording all of the parts I removed bits of different tracks to create the dynamics I wanted. I find it easier to figure out the trajectory of songs like these after all of the parts are recorded rather than try to figure it out while composing… it just bogs me down and keeps me from actually finishing the song. This to me is the biggest obstacle using Ableton Live, this tendency to play with the texture of the song too much before I actually finish writing the damn thing.

Also, there is a certain degree of faith involved. No, not the religious type. It is more of having faith in one’s own abilities to the point that you continue working on something even when the internal critic is barking away, especially when the song is still in rough shape and is still being formed. I have found this has gotten easier doing these Hella Gems, actually. I mean… I actually did this one way before it was actually due!

The only word that sticks out for me in the meandering vocal is “fingertips” at the start of the 2nd verse, so that’s what I’m going to call this for now. Enjoy.

3 Responses to “Fingertips (Untitled 3/12)”

  1. Billings

    1) there’s a thom yorke vibe here that I didn’t know you would ever do
    2) i like the sound design. i can’t describe what i like, though.
    3) it being as long as it is, some more dynamics would help to move it along

  2. gojirra

    I really like this. Very cool melody. Very cool when the vocals come in and you have a bit of tremolo in your voice. The harpsichord sound and melody you chose for it are both excellent. Great job.

  3. Graham

    The voice is well recorded, I like the close sound. It almost sounded chorused at the beginning. The octave-guitar thing at the chorus makes it pretty.

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