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Late Post – 2009 03-26

March 29th, 2009 by

My apologies for being late, but I’ve been both busy and flustered. Flustered, because I decided to program my own dance beats from scratch, and it took awhile for it to stop sucking completely. Even now, it’s kinda sad, but I’m posting anyhow. I’ve got my ducks in a row for fairly organic or heavy metal sounding drums, but lacking (frankly) the tools to make dance beats (I’m rounding up virtual roland beat boxes now) I went back to what I had. I did, long ago, rip the drums from a few games, and one of them was the gloriously dancy Streets of Rage 2. Mmmmmm….Yuzo Koshiro. So those drums, with a little filtering, are what make up the core of the dance beats for this song. They are loaded into live as a impact drumset and used to program all the beats for this. Though, to flesh out the sound a bit, I added some effects, some eq, and actually doubled the beats on one of the default Live impact drumsets at a lower level. Record some bass and guitar, add some effects to flavor (aside from guitar rig, everything has default Live 7 effects) and go.

I’ve also provided the Live set (sans guitars, for size and lack of annoyance with guitar rig and freezing tracks and such), for anyone who might want to use this for remixing. It also includes the sample sets involved, so anyone can build their own beats from the (admittedly limited) drum sound, or supply new drum sounds for the beats. Good luck to you all, and may more Live sets be forthcoming.

2009-03-26 for Remix

Yes, I know the remix track is named differently, sorry.

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  1. Graham

    Pretty heavy. I had a hard time getting a sense of the tuning of the bass, but it has a nice groove.

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