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1000 Hungry Kittens

March 31st, 2009 by


This is my attempt at making an “indie rock” type of song. It needs a lot more work, but I’m posting it anyway. It’s a true Hella Gem in the rough. The lyrics are gibberish and the melody is improvised, as usual. I crack more high notes than ever before. There’s not enough reverb in the world.

Unfortunately, the newish old guitar I was using for this track stopped outputting sound after I did the guitar take, so the solo had to be a Pro-53 synth instead of a guitar. I’m guessing the jack is messed up in some way. Such is life.

Anyway. The title was the temporary title I was using. I’ll probably have to use it as a basis for the lyrics in the future, because all sorts of strange and wonderful narratives keep falling into my head when I read it.

8 Responses to “1000 Hungry Kittens”

  1. billjings

    The guitar sound was pretty much perfect and extremely indie rock.

    The drums sounded fantastic, where did they come from?

    Finally, hopefully paul can fix the jack. Have you had a chance to try out the iron on that rock band controller?

  2. erf

    Yeah, I’m liking the guitar, hopefully it isn’t much of anything with the jack. The drums are an EZDrummer expansion called Vintage Rock, which I like to use because in the mixer it has a setting for “Crappy Room”, which I gleefully turn up. The other expansions are a little too clean sounding for my tastes, particularly for stuff like this.

    I’ve pulled out the board that has the switches on it (it connects to the controller module through a standard ribbon cable connection that is held together with only a dot of glue, which was easily flicked off… it should be easy enough to secure it when the switches are changed) but haven’t tried the soldering iron yet. Perhaps tomorrow, if I’m feeling saucy.

  3. LZQ

    Nice track and a good guitar sound. Mmmmmmm…..jangle. Part of me wants a more trebly and squiggly bass line, but that may just be my taste or lack therof.

    I’ve already disassembled the guitar once and have some good quality replacement jacks, so I can work on it if you’d like (though replacing the screws holding in the pickguard might be necessary). Hopefully I didn’t do anything to it before you got it to cause it to explode on a time delay, though, to be fair, that wouldn’t make much sense.

  4. Felix

    I also liked the guitar and the authentic indie rock vibe.

  5. Graham

    Like the rock texture… savage.

  6. Mike

    Hella Gems just became my radio in 1997 tuned to the UNC college station. Next up it will play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY91hVZqhHY followed by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i49c7g6iUo

  7. Mike

    That means I like it a lot by the way.

  8. erf

    Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s funny how the Gems I seem to feel the worst about posting turn out to be the ones I like more after some time has passed.

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