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Hold to the line

April 23rd, 2009 by

So thanks to Paulie for lending me his bass. It is astonishing the degree to which my setup relies almost completely upon his and Rob’s generosity.

And I haven’t even used the condenser mic yet.


This song started with the line “Hold to the line” and progressed from there. And then I spent a week screwing around with it in Ableton and adding stuff.

I’m not too clear on what it means.

4 Responses to “Hold to the line”

  1. El Comandante

    The i-VI progression is good as a tension builder. However, the descent to the V chord is one that some may view as cliche, and should be used sparingly to better accentuate the darkness and sorrow it implies.
    Once again, your knack for melody is apparent by your clever embellishments during the second repetition of each verse. I imagine the subject matter to be romantic and melancholy, mainly on account of your voice. Its a personal style thing that’s appears in most of your work, and it subdues the tension in the chords, creating a sort of equilibrium.
    The choruses however fall victim to chords with too many notes and that wideband distortion! Notes are expensive! Rein in those things. The fourth harmonies on the second verse and chorus are good. I like the sound you have for the guitar solo. It’s almost violin-like. I imagine you used the treble booster for that one. Good job.

  2. billjings

    Actually, no treble booster at all on the solo. I’ve got a newer princeton reissue and an old princeton – the new one loves the treble booster, but the old one doesn’t care for it at all except for maybe singing sustainy stuff.

    The main guitar part is playing cowboy chords on the chorus. It’s a sound that I like out of that amp, but I don’t think I’m using it in the right way.

    Thanks so much for the feedback.

  3. LZQ

    I’m enjoying the tracks you’re doing recently, and in specific I like the secondary clean guitar you added. Also helps to put my excess gear to good use. Why did I think I needed one of everything? Anyhow, next I’ll toss you my extra keyboard and see where that goes.

  4. marilyn

    Nice, dude. The last stuff of yours I really listened to was back in the day of Cake or Death and I can really hear your voice having gotten better over the years, I think.

    Also I love the guitar solo.

    Also I’m gonna send a link of this to my little brother!

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