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So this song started with the melody. When I put chords to it, they were dirt simple cowboy chords. Then another part of the melody came to me later and I added that. Since then this song has been stuck in my head which as you can imagine gets a little irritating. So I’m happy to be able to post it now so that hopefully I can move on to working on something else.

I wanted to use some extra instrumentation on this because lazyq gave me YET MORE stuff for my setup. I didn’t even use all stuff he gave me this time, just the coolest thing. Hopefully you’ll know it when you hear it.

This is my track for Fucking Danger, too. Don’t be reckless with your emotions, kids, or you’ll end up sounding like this.

Oh: and if anyone knows how to get rid of that irritating ring modulation like sound on the whistling, I’d be much appreciative. It doesn’t show up in Live, only in the rendered wav.

6 Responses to “The Things Maybe I’m Gonna Do”

  1. gojirra

    No idea why the ringing sounds like that, maybe something about frequencies or background radiation or some other technical thing I don’t know shit about. Jerko Jason would probably know.

    Anyway I think the song sounds great even with the whistling like that, it gives those parts an interesting feel that I cant quite describe, I want to say it reminds me of old dos games. The song overall is awesome, great job!

  2. V

    When you convert to mp3, the encoding frequency must be above the Nyquist frequency of the whistle. Of course you know this because you took DSP! The artifact might be caused by using too low a sampling frequency.

    Also, a second instrument seems to be playing at almost the same frequency, which could be causing a beat frequency.

  3. LZQ

    I knew it – the trumpet fits in with what you’re doing pretty well.

    Things get weird in digital sometimes. One possible solution is just to bring the whole mix down a bit and hit the mix limiter a little less hard (sometimes high freqency stuff doesn’t do well with mastering limiters or final mixdown if near the volume max). Alternately you can try the nyquist thing and put an EQ3 on the whistling (or, if using a totally different program, just get a multiband eq) and see if you can kill the high frequencies over about 12-15khz or so. Alternately, you can render a 96 khz wav and see if something else can convert the wav in better fashion. I’ve gotten around these sorts of problems before, but it feels like fishing for workarounds.

    And sorry y’all that I’ve been a slacker on hellagems – moving and girl trouble has made music making time dubious. but I’ve got my piano back in my house now!

  4. Rosie

    nice! I really like this song, simple, clean and you sing very well.

  5. ill million (lee)

    sweet jam – I really like the horn at the end.

  6. Pynk

    Yeah, very nice job on the whistling/trumpet harmony especially. The whole arrangement at the end is very nice.

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