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May 12th, 2009 by

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I was going to do a rap song, but I haven’t been feeling the whole braggart vibe as of late, so I did something which is almost entirely the opposite of that.

I started writing the song on the ukulele, writing the melody first. I find this works a lot better than trying to improvise a melody over chords, since I don’t get as self conscious about writing a extremely stock chord progression. Of course, I do a lot of glorious cliches in this song, especially my extra tasteful solo near the end. There is no other way to describe a solo played the way I played it. I usually say this term with derision, but sometimes you just need something tasteful.

The tremolo guitar idea was stolen from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song “Maps”. I liked what it did for that song so I ripped it off for my song.

The lyrics are, as usual, not to be followed too closely, though I do say many more actual words than usual in this one. I wanted the song to sound like a slow exhalation of breath. I’m happy with the vibe that I captured.

This is my “Fucking Danger” track. As with Bill’s song, sometimes the heartache and pain is the danger. Of course, after that album is done, I will probably then do my rap song, too little, too late. I always make an obstinate point of going against expectations. Usually this works for me, at least, I would like to think so. It could be denial!

Sorry for missing last week, finals and all, though I see that I’m not the only one missing posts. Tsk tsk.

3 Responses to “Again”

  1. billjings

    Man if you say “tasteful” with derision you must hate a lot of my solos

    I liked the pad and the tremelo guitar thing. I was missing out on dynamics a little bit, because this reminded me a bit of the boxer as far as the rise and fall of the melody went.

    (the boxer being another one of rob’s songs the link to which i do not know)

  2. erf

    No, I like tasteful solos. I just don’t usually engage in them. Actually, I hadn’t engaged in much guitar playing at all until I got that guitar that you and Paul found. It is indeed a magical guitar. I also like your tasteful solos. That little hint of a solo at the end of the last song you did in the fade-out was perfect. It reminded me of fade-outs in Beach Boys songs where a sweet melody comes in just as the song is fading out.

    I was going to actually record live drums for this (when I’m doing these songs I record my parts to a drum loop much like this and then go back and add the drums) but I decided against it, mainly because I was running out of time and also because I sort of like the flat dynamic of the rhythm. I say this because this isn’t supposed to be a very dynamic song, I guess because I wanted to establish a mood and sit there with it. My furious tom rolls may or may not work for it. We’ll find out when I re-record this and some other hellagems I’ve done for an album.

    The Boxer doesn’t have a recorded version, yet. That one will get done for the album too.

  3. erf

    Threadsurrection… I’ve started authoring this song for the Rock Band Network. I’ll post a video to it when I start submitting it for playtesting/peer review.

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