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All On Me

May 21st, 2009 by

Rob said he was interested in hearing more about the creative process in the writeup, so…  I’m going to give that a shot.

This song probably started in the back of my head as an attempt to revisit some stuff from my 4 track days – limited parts, no bass, trying to do all the rhythm on the guitar. Concretely, though, it started (as most of what I write does) with a little bit of melody paired with a resonant phrase or two. In this case it was the first bit from the verse ending in “skip all the in between”, which phrase sort of resonated with me because… well, laboring for anything can be boring in the here and now, it’s got to get done to get some other long term goal done. So that’s what I started with.

So the verse is just a melody I like with a simple guitar part. The chorus is pretty much the same except that it uses what I guess is a stock trick of mine at this point, which is to repeat a melodic theme twice with two different sets of chords beneath it. In this case it wasn’t something I worked toward, it just came out that way and I liked it.

As far as recording goes, I started off expecting this to be a bit busier with clean guitars and arpeggios and the like. I found, though, that including the bass line in the main rhythm guitar part like that sounds very, very intimate and singer songwritery. Not much in the way of layering worked well on top of that. There’s one bit on the recording that I was only barely able to be satisfied with by EQing the top and bottom off.

Enough of that talking, though… oh yeah, this is another self pity song. I can’t stand that sentiment but it made sense, what can I do?

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  1. Felix

    This is a great song that I’ve listened to a few times again. It basically makes me feel melancholy and puts me in a “focused” mood. I like youre voice a lot actually. I also like the guitar that comes in at 1:20 and I like all the melodies and chord changes. I think its a great song that makes me feel some nice emotions. Your voice adds a lot of feeling to this. Great job.

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