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May 26th, 2009 by


I wanted to do a more rocking song than I’ve been doing lately, and I also wanted to have a song that started off with a slow acoustic(ish) intro before going into the rock. I’m not super enthused about this one and spent a bit of time trying to bring it to life with various parts and such. It should have gone into another part at the end but I ended up just ending the song early, hence the bastardized spelling of “Truncation”.

Edit: Okay, had dinner, met a DJ, let’s try some more background:

1) I started watching this movie (リンダ リンダ リンダ) last night at work, which has a high school band learning the song “Linda Linda” by The Blue Hearts. That is where I got the idea to try to start with a slower part then go into a more rocking part. Of course my attempt to rip it off sounds little like what I’m ripping off, because I can’t consciously rip off something completely if I want to have any hope of sleeping at night.

2) I like the texture of the chorus and all the parts, but I didn’t record enough backing track for the 2nd verse to work, which is why that sounds sort of random and mumbly (well, more so than usual, this song as usual has no planned words).

3) To do the intro where it comes in sort of perfect in Ableton, I played the guitar whilest ignoring the click track that was tapping furiously away in the background, then played the guitar over the click when it gets fast and stuff. I could have just done it separately, but I wanted the fast part to sort of come in when it seemed “natural” to me. That’s what worked for me, at least.

2 Responses to “Trucashun”

  1. Pynk

    I really like this. It IS rockin’.

  2. Mike

    So good. You an Bill should put together a little mix tape of all your rock songs from this site. Also, you have more hiragana in your posts than anyone else.

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