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So here’s what it is. I had a song that was all about how you can’t be a person that you’re not trying to be, in fact that’s the chorus right there, it was about hard work and that kind of thing plus my own psychological issues because why stop that right? And I had this song and it sort of worked and I sort of put this bass line on it but only halfway. Halfway because halfway through I got these awful blisters from trying to play that bass so hard.

That bummed me out and I panicked, yelling at Rob over e-mail. Maybe Rob could rescue the bass part.

The next day, worrying about this, I worried that Rob would not record that bass line because I was being presumptuous or any number of reasons. And on top of that there was a whole situation where my two best of comrades at work were axed unexpectedly, leaving me adrift with naught but my time management devices and work to keep me company. One of these dudes is a friend from earlier times so the whole thing was a big thing. So I just recorded another song because it happened and I have no regrets.

Later on Rob lets me know that in fact the bass had been recorded as well as drums and why not just come on over and record anyway? The answer is that I don’t know, I don’t know. 

Today I added some parts to the song I recorded after worrying about whether I’d have a bass line for the song that didn’t really work without one. That song was a little quieter, the other one requires a big rude guitar solo and I can’t get loud because of the next door dude’s sleeping kid on thursdays.

This song is sort of inspired by my dude who is confrontational. But not completely, because I don’t know how to write about things that exist.


5 Responses to “Uhh Let’s Not Be Civil”

  1. erf

    All I hear is the drums I would have recorded as well as the drums and bass I recorded that you didn’t use. 🙁

    You never gave me any sort of constructive feedback on the other parts I sent you weeks ago, either. I spent the better part of an evening working on those!

    This is why I might be coming off a little brusque. :-/

  2. erf

    I am also relieved to see that not only did I use the word “brusque” correctly, it was actually the perfect word for what I was trying to convey.

    As for this song, I like it. A little thin, but this is to be expected. Your use of the secondary guitar line as a counterpoint to the main melody is at a high level these days.

  3. billjings

    I’m definitely using the stuff you sent over yesterday – I spent a little more time than I should have wednesday night putting it together, in fact. But there’s a whole big section missing from that song that needs a guitar solo, and I couldn’t record anything loud last night due to neighbor considerations. I’ll definitely be using it for a later post.

  4. LZQ

    this is the first recording of that tremelo that I haven’t had to mentally tune out the noise. Go Bill! Sounds great, though it becomes a very different thing if you add instruments. I’ve been really enjoying the dual-guitar and singing vibe though – it holds up well, and doubly so when noise/recording kinks work out.

  5. Graham

    Reminding me that there’s still lots of the Phillips/Frank back catalog to which I have to listen.

    Good job, fellas, this one is nice.


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