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A Brick Wall

July 14th, 2009 by

On the Hella Gems email list we’ve talked about how the posts have started to dry up around here, so I’m unilaterally going to double my output on Tuesdays. Having made this decision rather recently, I threw this song together yesterday. It does not really traverse much new ground for me, and by and large I don’t see it as a very successful piece except in parts, but that’s the risk you take writing and posting more quickly. It’s all about letting go of that need to “finish” something endlessly until you finally either finish it into the ground or give up on it entirely.

The instrumentation is pretty similar to last week… piano, drums, vocals… this time some guitar, which I struggled to fit in there without overwhelming the rest (except for when it needed to overwhelm things). I did some sort of bizarre heavy metal bass drum thing at the end, which I tried to sync up with on the bass and guitar. Thankfully, I recorded this piano demo with vocal to a click this time. It does make things much easier when you overdub the other parts later. Sorry to get you excited if you saw “Brick Wall” and thought this would be an electronic orgy with a brick wall limiter.

I did manage to get feedback going with a software simulated amp, which basically required me to turn up the monitoring while I was recording the guitar. I was pleased with how well it worked.

As usual, improvised vocals, so don’t try to listen to closely. Pretend it is in a language you don’t understand. That’s how I love my J-Pop.

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  1. Graham

    This one has some nice volume.

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