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Been Caught Tweetin’

July 16th, 2009 by


So one time a friend of mine posted the title of this song (with a G) to twitter. I dunno what it was about, but having been followed by random avatars for crimes as varied as mentioning zappos or some technology or another, I think I have some idea how she feels.

Having said that, I’m not really clear on what these words mean. As erf said, sometimes the first take really can’t be improved upon, even if the words make more sense.

This song also features King Solomon on bass and drums by the way, so enjoy them!

5 Responses to “Been Caught Tweetin’”

  1. Becky

    That was me! It was me that was caught. By my boss. Oops!

    PS Nice work…tweeted!

  2. erf

    King Solomon! I approve of this credit. It will be my session name forever more.

    This mix is dirrrrrty

  3. Mike

    Fuck yeah.

  4. Kelly G

    Dude, this sounds just like when you buy the eigth rerelease of a CD of some old 1972 album, and there’s five bonus tracks, and the last one is some song you’ve never heard of with “(unreleased demo)” written next to it, and it turns out that it’s the best song on the CD.

  5. Felix

    lol that was a great explanation Kelly

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