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Landlord (Eat a D*#k)

July 28th, 2009 by

This is NSFW (and definitely rated R for language).

In the spirit of Felix, I quickly recorded this with voice and ukulele using the Voice Memo function on my iPhone while I tried to clean up my old place hastily so my landlord could start getting the house ready for the new tenants. I was not happy about this, one reason being that it might force me to skip posting a Hella Gem for the 2nd week in a row, so I made up the lyrics and music on the spot, ruminating on my situation while inserting a copious amount of expletives. Hold out to the 2nd verse, when the lyrics start getting pretty good as I recall all of the things my landlord never fixed in my old place.

This song is somewhat reflective of the sorts of things I’ll make up on the spot while strumming idly away on the ukulele or other random instruments. Most of these songs are lost to time… but not this one. Yes, indeed, I can be quite the potty mouth.

Here is some hastily scrawled album art:


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3 Responses to “Landlord (Eat a D*#k)”

  1. Mike

    That iPhone microphone isn’t bad. Nice job bringing it back to the old music stand by of relationships.

  2. erf

    Thanks, I was surprised how well the recording came out, especially since I was satisfied with the “test run” I did of this song.

  3. Graham

    Catching up on listening… this one is nice and concise and a great ending, perfect for a mixtape.

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