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True Love

July 30th, 2009 by


The guitar part and the melody+lyrics came to  me in a flash! On the interstate. And I envisioned them as being like the Fall, sounding like a cacophony sort of.

Well, that didn’t work out well at all. Shows what I know, right? The guitars sounded much too thin and not at all what I was going for. I may have really needed a sloppy drummer all along, but that idea came much too late and without the means to act on it (just as I was writing this in fact).

Anyway, I decided to fill it out a bit and I’m pretty happy with how that turned out. And you are happy, too.

3 Responses to “True Love”

  1. erf

    You put a disco beat on this and you’ve got dance indie rock sensation to go son. We’ve got to work on this some more.

  2. marilyn

    Hell yeah. I think the cacophony is pretty good, but more drums never hurt an indie dance anthem.

  3. meropa


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