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A Common Expert

August 11th, 2009 by

This song’s a collaboration with Matthew K. Manning, who I’ve been playing music with for fifteen years off an on. We had a high school band together called Royce, and then played in a rock group called Made in China for a few years. After not playing together for a while, Matt came over today and we mostly fiddled with getting his laptop configured for music (and merry) making, but in between bouts of hair pulling over Windows Vista we managed to bang this song out. It sounds a bit more “live” than most of the other things I’ve done due to the way we recorded it… the vocals, piano and drums (Matt) were all recorded simultaneously, and then we both simultaneously recorded the bass and guitar (Matt). A bit of mixing later and it was done.

I attempted to actually write lyrics for this and re-record the vocal before posting this, but it didn’t really work out. Next time, gadget, next time. The title is a random phrase pulled off the top of my head.

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  1. Graham

    nice texture, epic chorus. this should go on the lyrics queue

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