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The Ballad of Danger

August 18th, 2009 by

Last weekend was my designated time for making a Hella Gem, but that was taken up by sickness and worry over my cat who I had to put to sleep on Saturday, so I abandoned my personal responsibility for grief.

In lieu of something fresh, here is a demo I literally recorded at work last April, vocals and all. I’ve been working on re-recording it for a Hella Gem instead of posting this but I suppose that can just wait for an eventual album instead. The vocal performance features cameo appearances by one of my co-workers on the radio and the sound of Projector #8. I used the microphone built into the laptop to record the vocal. Frankly, I’m surprised it is listenable at all.

As to the structure, it repeats the same two basic chord structures but I changed the vocal melody from a “verse” to a “chorus” when appropriate. That’s sort of a folk song thing to do, I suppose. Enjoy this super rough cut, with the usual wordless vocal improvisation.

It’s called “The Ballad of Danger” because I recorded two songs that day… the other was called “The Ballad of Hope” (and was not nearly as good).

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  1. June Eleven


  2. Kelly G

    I like the wooshing synth.

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