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One More Person

August 20th, 2009 by


So some close friends of mine were married this weekend. The entire time I guess I had my eye on this one girl, and what was I thinking? She was involved with someone, or something. Anyway.

This song is about longing and having an active imagination and filling a little invented reality with vague possibilities, then filling in the blanks with anxiety. I wrote it in the hotel room for the most part.

Drummer King Solomon brings in one of those old plastic organs, drums, bass, and some classical guitar which isn’t totally audible if I’m going to be totally honest.

Here’s a picture of a dinosaur.

5 Responses to “One More Person”

  1. erf

    Eh, I think I recorded too many parts for this, at least the drums sound too active to me at this point. I wonder what it would sound like with just your voice and that tuneless organ…

    I mean, I like the song, I’m just being overcritical over my contribution

  2. V

    This is a very charming song. I don’t think the drumming is overactive, but I would have put a different EQ and compression on Jings’ voice to make pop out a bit more. Like the treatment on Paul Simon’s voice for “Feelin’ Groovy”.
    I especially like the many-syllable lines with cleverly bounce on the beat. Good work, fellows.

  3. Julie

    Really pretty nice,but hard to hear the vocals.

  4. Alex Rudnick

    This is really beautiful!

    I like how much is going on in the song; Bill, your lyrics are great! And Rob, I’m digging the drum beat. I’m glad the organ is finding a use 🙂

  5. Allen


    As I may have stated earlier Saturday night, I’ve been off the planet the last couple weeks, so this is actually my first time to hear this.

    This is fantastic. I love it. Beautiful chorus, wonderful dreamy feel. One of my favorites thus far.

    If there’s any sort of album in the future, this needs to be on it.

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