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August 27th, 2009 by


So I was sitting around depressed this weekend trying to psych myself up.  All I need is to feel a little better, right, and then I just get up off my ass and do…  whatever it is that will better my station in life, right? Go get some cool clothes and some shades, right? Maybe clean up a little bit, eh?

Well that never really let up over the week, and session wizard King Solomon was feeling even worse than I since his cat escaped and hasn’t returned yet. So that reflects a bit in what we have here. It’s a long song with just piano and vocals (Rob on piano) that laments the necessity of blind eyed optimism in the face of the modern world.

Maybe this is relevant? I dunno.


8 Responses to “Optimism”

  1. erf

    This song grows on you… Well, it is growing on me at least.

    I realized where the drums needed to come in just now… On the last chorus, of course! It also needs a cello, a real (sounding) one. We should revisit this one in the future.

    Also, leaving the microphone picking up my abrupt keyboard chord at the end was a good plan.

  2. Becky

    Aw I love it! All Blipped, too. 🙂

  3. Julie

    Really like this,especially guitar interlude. Right on…you need optimism!

  4. Julie

    Really like this, especially guitar interlude. Right on, need optimism!

  5. Julie

    Really like this, especially guitar interlude. Right on, need optimism…

  6. marilyn


    My good thoughts also go out to Rob and his kitty.

  7. Dan the Music Master

    Gotta love optimism. It beats the alternatives!

  8. Graham

    this is truly a hella gem

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