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Lasers In My Eyes

September 24th, 2009 by


Hey! Here’s a song.

The lyrics on the chorus to this song are a hamfisted-because-it-sounds-too-cool metaphor for how I act towards the women I like. I ogle and try as hard as I can not to be noticed. It is a terrible way to be, I don’t like being a stare man. I’m working on it. The verses go on about how I act that way elsewhere, too. In the context of looking for love and whatnot.


I was playing a throwaway riff that I thought I was going to just junk so that we might go in a different direction with it while Rob was going through the various amp settings and we landed on this harsh, 80s metal sort of sound. So we went with it.

Apparently lasers are handy for aligning railroad tracks. Who knew?

Apparently lasers are handy for aligning railroad tracks. Who knew?

edit: Forgot to mention – Rob is featured on drums, bass, and in the additional harmonies on the final chorus.

10 Responses to “Lasers In My Eyes”

  1. meropa

    Dig it, but the riff reminds me a bit too much of “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit. Maybe that’s not a bad thing?

  2. meropa

    Dig it, but the riff sounds too much like “My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit. Maybe that’s not a bad thing?

  3. billjings

    That is the exact same damn riff.

  4. deValmont

    Don’t listen to that. It’s an excellent song. Certainly one of your top three, and, from the sound of it, ready to put on an EP and sold to the masses. Good work.

  5. Kelly G

    Good stuff. I like how the melody interacts with the rhythm section. That’s a big thing for me with rock&roll: I love when the melodies and background play off each other in interesting ways, both rhythmically and tonally. There are so many bands where the guitar and bass just do the same simple eigth-note rhythm in every song that they play. That’s boring to me. I like this, though, because there’s a certain swing to it.

    I like the vocal effects during the chorus too.

  6. LZQ

    For a moment I was trying to figure out how you got that sound out of your current amps. Good sounding drums. Thought the main vox were a bit low during the verses, but the high harmonies in the chorus were sweet. I’m torn between whether this song is a bit repetitive or if its just the sort of song that works that way. Just don’t know sometimes. Good job.

  7. erf

    Wow, this turned out pretty damn rocking. I think it is irrelevant that the riff is similar to that other song since it has a different feel and melody. It’s not exactly a distinctive riff, it’s what you do with it that counts. That’s the essence of pop music right there. The high vocals are perfect.

    It’s time to form the supergroup, gentlemen.

  8. Becky

    I’m glad you didn’t trash that riff…it’s great!

  9. Allen

    This one’s a lot of fun. I’d raise the vocals up more. They’re sitting too deep in the mix. Gotta hear those pipes 🙂

    Great chorus. I love the backing vocals.

  10. Mike

    Been catching up by listening to the radio.
    Another rocking gem!

    Falsetto in the chorus is so good.

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