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I Guess That’s Okay

October 8th, 2009 by


I’ve been very distracted lately, so I wasn’t able to really get something going and ready for King Solomon to work his magic on. I knew I wasn’t going to have drums and bass on this for some reason, so I decided to go with what is I guess a more home recorded sound – no reverb anywhere on this track.

Anyway, it was all thrown together last night and tonight, but I’m pretty happy with this one. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Oh yeah – this is my 20th hellagem! My 11th since moving to weekly – I’m kinda surprised I’ve been able to keep it up. Hopefully you guys agree with me that I’ve kept the quality level up pretty well.. otherwise, uh. I’ll move to Mexico.

4 Responses to “I Guess That’s Okay”

  1. Allen

    Really liked the guitar that comes in around the 2:00 mark. I’m enjoying this string of songs with backing vocals aplenty.

    I’m no fortune teller, but I believe I see drums and bass in the future for this one.

  2. meropa

    I guess this song is okay.

  3. meropa

    And I mean that it is awesome.

  4. Becky

    Nice work, Bill! And congrats on your 20th Hellagem!

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