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All That I Want

October 15th, 2009 by


I’m posting this specific song for extremely selfish reasons. I had some other stuff with, you know – fresher chords, melodies, all that stuff. Even stuff not, strictly speaking, about a girl. But for the most selfish of reasons, I have to post this song.

Because it has a sweet guitar solo.

Which is not to say I don’t like it – it’s simple, and the lyrics are a lot more emotionally straightforward than what I’ve been doing lately. Those just aren’t the reasons I’m posting this one.

And of course maybe the guitar solo isn’t that sweet – I’m not the greatest guitarist in the world, after all. I just haven’t done one like this in a while, and I put some work into it.

Anyway. I hope you guys enjoy it. Here’s a picture of Yngwie Malmsteen making fun of me.

Youre lucky you dont have a very good idea how much better I am than you, Bill. You would cream your kilt if you did.

"You're lucky you don't have a very good idea how much better I am than you, Bill. You would cream your kilt if you did."

5 Responses to “All That I Want”

  1. LZQ

    I wonder if this started with that comment last Saturday about our crewe not having a “natural lead guitarist”. What this group seems to have is a bunch of people with good taste, so perhaps I shouldn’t worry about it too much. Good song, appropriate solo.

  2. Julie

    Nice song and it was a sweet guitar solo!

  3. Kelly G

    I like it, and the solo is sweet. I don’t think it’s incongruous with the rest of your songs, really.

    I’m trying to resist the urge to go look for the one of those “SHREDS!” videos on youtube and make a joke post about how Malmsteen isn’t all that great.

  4. erf


  5. Becky

    Dude that guitar solo was totally sweet!

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