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I Wanna Wreck My Car

October 25th, 2009 by

I Wanna Wreck My Car

This song is a pretty good summation of my life since puberty.

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  1. Dad

    The song is good. A lot of people can identify with the sentiment. I hope it’s a momentary feeling because the words are disturbing. When life is at its worst, remember, every cloud has a silver lining. It’s just that sometimes you have to look for it.

    Warmest regards,


  2. Alex Rudnick


    This is great! And your guitar has such a cool sound! Plingy, I guess. I wish I knew words for how to describe guitar sounds. Where does one learn such vocabulary?

    There’s a bit in there where I’m totally expecting a chord change — but then you don’t change the chord. And you do it twice! It’s pretty evocative.

  3. Kelly G

    The lyrics are borderline punk. Or maybe all the way.

  4. Jeff B

    I like this song alot. I can definitely relate to the lyrics although my car is actually a piece of crap.

  5. billjings

    It’s even worse when your car is a piece of crap, I think.

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