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I Saw Her

November 8th, 2009 by

I Saw Her

Went to church this evening. The preacher quoted kierkegaard on staying on the sidelines in life. Then I went to a potluck and saw a girl. Then I wrote a song about it!

It was a pretty good evening, you know?

3 Responses to “I Saw Her”

  1. Kelly G

    The negative space really makes the song interesting. I like how when the guitar and vocals are seperate, they still overlap a little bit. Also the rhythm is a little funky, which is nice.

  2. billjings

    I think that it also bears mentioning that for some reason this song ended up looping rather well. which ends up being a sort of strange effect.

    Not that I’ve been sitting there listening to this song on repeat or anything.

  3. Julie

    This song seems to work and I agree that the negative space makes it more interesting.

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