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Koala Song

March 21st, 2010 by

It’s been a while since things got overwhelming and I haven’t been able to record with any regularity. Still, I’ve found a few occasions. Hope everyone is doing well and please excuse the slightly delayed posts.

This was recorded in November, for my girlfriend’s birthday. Many thanks to my friend Vincent for guitar and whisper vocals.

koala (koala), in barcelona (barcelona)

you climb in the tree eating eucalyptus leaves
you shop for moda on the paseo de gracia

koala (koala), in barcelona (barcelona)

you are an architect
you build koala houses in the trees of Parc Guell

koala, in barcelona
happy birthday to you

a koala from barcelona

koala song

2 Responses to “Koala Song”

  1. Kelly G

    Cool! Nice to hear one from ya!

  2. xana

    what a lucky girl this “koala” 😉

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