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Hella Gems: Day Zero

November 13th 2008 by

   My initial idea for this blog was simply "a beat a day." I was going to challenge myself to produce and post one instrumental music track a day. I soon realized it would be more fun to invite all my musical friends to post along with me.

   Every day one of us will post a new song, beat, or mashup that we have created. Along with the song we will post some information about the process of creating and recording the song. The purpose of the text will be two fold: to share any new techniques that we discovered, and to share any insights into songwriting, composing, and playing music we may have had along the way. Eventually we will have built a catalog of new and eclectic music to share with the world, and ignited each other's creativity along the way. 

   It's going to take a little while for me to sort out the technical details, but you will be swimming in hella gems very soon.

6 Responses to “Hella Gems: Day Zero”

  1. Jason N.


  2. Chirag

    I want to swim (in gems). ((hella gems)) Jason N. rules! Wooo

  3. Graham

    Dude, sign me up.

  4. E. Robert Frank


  5. Kelly G

    I just recorded a track for my video game. Are there any posting guidelines?

  6. rosie

    This is gonna be radical!

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