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Whatever Paper Planes You Like

November 30th 2008 by

You can have whatever paper planes you like. I can make the triangle-winged jet, or the square-winged cargo plane. I can't make you a paper football though. In lieu of a paper football please accept this mashup that I created:

Whatever Paper Planes You Like

This is just an instrumental and an a capella track. Most of the work in making mashups is finding the tracks in the first place. I spent a really long time looking for the champagne sound.

I find that making mashups is a good way to surprise yourself. After placing two waveforms together on beat there are often some good unintended consequences that happen later on in the song. For example, listen to 1:48 in this song. I didn't plan for that little event to happen. I find the musical ideas that emerge when making mashups very fun and interesting. 

Historical note: I made this mashup before I ever heard Swagger Like Us.


2 Responses to “Whatever Paper Planes You Like”

  1. LM

    This is an awesome mashup. I noticed though that there's a bit of key-clashing with the vocals at some parts. What about using autotune to force MIA into the right scale? Just an idea. Keep up the hot jams. -LM

  2. gojirra

    Def on my play list for party times.

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