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Digital Love

December 4th 2008 by

Digital Love

Josh Lee, Brian Adams and I recorded this song a week or so ago.

I put one condenser mic on the piano that josh was playing.

I put one condenser mic on the acoustic guitar that Brian was playing and positioned it so it would also pick up some of the ride cymbal.

I put an sm58 mic on the kick that I was playing and an sm57 on the snare that I was also playing.

Then we went back in and recorded the overdubs.

I played bass and the electric guitars as well.

Josh performed the lead vocals.

We all chimed in for the beautiful backing vocals.

In conclusion we had a great time and it was the highlight of my week!


p.s. This is a Daft Punk cover.

6 Responses to “Digital Love”

  1. Mike

    An excellent cover. It retains the great qualities of the original, but is still unique. Why don't you play the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame?

  2. gojirra

    I dig this so hard. It's everything I could dream of as a Daft Punk cover. Perfect song choice as well.

  3. ravelite

    Fantastic, am jealous. The song is a joy and you guys do it well.

  4. erf

    This is great. I love covers that go off into their own land of delight. Now I have to put ridiculous backing vocals on my next song. :-) WHY DON'T YOU PLAY THE GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME Perfect

  5. Rosie

    This is awesome, to me this sounds like it should have been the original version that Daft Punk covered! It has a classic Rock feeling that feels so so right. Great Job!

  6. Jerko

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the feedback and positivity!

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