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December 6th 2008 by

Here is a track of a piece I wrote several years ago for a video game I never made. I'm thinking about reusing it for another project. The original was simply a midi file called "swing.mid" because of it's rhythm.

This track of music represents a tranquil place. The hero finds a location that is magical and magestic so that it makes the hero forget about the tribulatiion that awaits outside.  I  endeavored to record this track with real instruments to give it some life.

Instead of the epic psuedo-symphonic music or else the J-pop/ new age music that is typically featured in an RPG, I thought it would be interesting to have an RPG with kind-of a late 60s/early 70s style psychodelic acid-fusion soundtrack. Something Like this track which I recorded earlier. I set out to record a version of this that fits the style somewhat.

The drums and a bass line are still sequenced.

I used my piano, for one. I ran it through my Pod Xt guitar pedal and came-up with a retro sounding effect with a limited frequency response and a detuning effect.

The lead is a mellotron clarinet.

I added a B section in a relative minor. This is to remind the player that everything is not right and the adversary still awaits outside.

The track ends abruptly because it is meant to loop. When I test it in my game engine, it loops pretty good but not entirly seamlessly.


9 Responses to “Swing”

  1. gojirra

    this is really nice. It's important that people understand that music is as much a part of a game as the visual aspects and gameplay.

  2. Kelly G

    The inline player isn't working for me. did I do something wrong?

  3. gojirra

    it's working for me.

  4. Voltaplatz

    That 1-5-4 progression makes me want to break out into Baba O'Riley. The mellotron flute part reminds me the Moody Blues. I like the low frequency boom sound you have in this track.

  5. Kelly G

    I get stuck in 1-5-4 sometimes. You should have heard it before I mixed-down the guitar power chords.

  6. Jerko

    Awesome piano and mellotron. I like that. I like how well thought through it is too.

  7. ravelite

    there is something wonderfully lumbering (wondlumbering) about this

  8. Emilly

    This song is great. It's pretty amazing despite its intentions for a video game, however hearing this is in a video game would be really awesome.

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