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Post-apocalyptic Nightlife

December 9th 2008 by

I rarely make slow and quiet songs. In an effort to stretch my boundaries I created this song. It features a reversed vocal sample, and liberal use of delay. I added lots of clicking with Ableton's vinyl distortion effect. I also used a percussion sample, triggered semi-randomly, which was hooked to a random velocity effect. 

It is a theme for lonely nights spent crossing wastelands, and resting in abandoned towns.

Post-apocalyptic Nightlife

4 Responses to “Post-apocalyptic Nightlife”

  1. Chirag

    This is solid gold. Into it.

  2. gojirra

    Very nice. Reminds me of some good dj shadow and massive attack.

  3. Alex Rudnick

    The vocal sample sounds fantastic. Lovely track, thanks :)

  4. Felix

    Lol @ "crossing wastelands, and resting in abandoned towns" ;)

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