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dirty rainbow

December 10th 2008 by

dirrty rainbow

Hey friends, here is a feel good tune.

I made this beat today (only fifteen minutes left of it) on the program Reason.  Some of the instruments are recorded live, some not.  Yes, it's raw. 

good times roll


4 Responses to “dirty rainbow”

  1. Jerko

    This is just dirrty enough, while not losing a glimpse of the cleanliness that it needs. I want to rap on it so hard. Totally catchy and sick beat.

  2. Mike

    Sicker than an elementary school teacher in flu season.

  3. colemoldy

    dale what the FUCK! this is so good. what the FUCK

  4. erf

    If Jerko gets to rap on this I want to sing the "hook". He can be Method Man. I want to be Mary J. Blige.

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