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Six Hands

December 14th 2008 by

I tried to make a lot of things over the past week. One was a ukulele song. Another was a funk song called "I'm On The Honor Role (Bitch)".  None saw completion with studying for my various finals over the last week, and my impending trip to Biloxi complicated matters. So I packed a good deal of my gear with me, intending to finish something for today.

After an aborted attempt at a Glam Rock song (oh, how I will finish one of those one of these days), I started playing with a Korg plugin that I had received with the purchase of one of my Korg midi controllers. It is a limited version of their m1 synth. At any rate, I started writing some music that sounded like it could be a strange theme to the Karate Kid or some such. It is a simple additive composition. Drum loop made, bass laid, flute, etc. I wasn't too terribly pleased with it though. I needed something to hold it together.

So I asked my friend Joe, who is on this trip with me, to tell me about his first night gambling. Sadly I did not have enough music to include the seven minutes he recounted for me, so I focused his narrative on his trip to the Crazy Four Card poker table, adding some "Hallucination" reverb and some stereo separation with Ableton Live's Utility plugin. The whole thing works better in headphones, and isn't really a proper song, but it makes me cry and giggle at the same time all the same.

Back to the poker tables...

Six Hands (feat. Joe Scagnetti)

Six Hands

5 Responses to “Six Hands”

  1. Pynk

    I can't find the link to the song in this post. :(

  2. Rosie

    I like the personal touch that the story in the background brings. a lot of people would have just found something random to use as the ambiance, but I think this is more unique and personal. kudos

  3. erf

    Sorry about the lack of song linkage... Mike, can you fix this? I'm in a gambling frenzy currently.

  4. Mike

    Fixed it. I hope that you guys will have pairs of 9's against the house's 8's this time.

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