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Bonus! LZQ - Track 1

December 20th 2008 by

Well, it's some interesting sounds, and some ear piercing synths. I tried to take the edge off of it, but it only sorta worked.  Careful if you listen with headphones. Slowly working towards something better. I'll get there sooner or later.


5 Responses to “Bonus! LZQ - Track 1”

  1. gojirra

    Sounded very well balanced on my speakers. I really dig this.

  2. gojirra

    I can't seem to download the file.

  3. LZQ

    just worked for me, using "save link" directly on the front page. lemme know and I can get if to you some other way if you have issues.

  4. gojirra

    yeah works now.

  5. ravelite

    Nice bass sounds.

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