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Buy U a Hot Drank

December 2008 by

I was at Tim Hortons getting a coffee and donut and they were playing "Hot" by Avril Lavigne (I know, right? - so Canadian). While listening to it, I noticed it shared some musical characteristics with T-Pain's "Buy U a Drank," which was also getting a lot of radio play at the time (winter-spring '08). I stuck them together and they just worked (I used Acid Pro 4.0 - I didn't have Ableton yet when I started it). The songs practically mashed up themselves, with the exception that the keys are three half steps apart, so I had to do some pitch-shifting. Since bringing T-Pain down worked better than bringing Avril up, it's sort of got a chopped and screwed thing happening. Lyrics-wise, I tried to create a romance between Avril and T-Pain/Yung Joc. That kind of thing can be a really fun part of mashups. 
I hope you all enjoy.


"Buy U a Hot Drank"
Avril Lavigne vs. T-Pain (feat. Yung Joc)


6 Responses to “Buy U a Hot Drank”

  1. gojirra

    you've created some very cool play between these two songs. I find it really entertaining to hear these guys over such a poppy guitar.

  2. Mike

    You make me so tipsy. I agree that the interplay of their vocals is quite entertaining. Theirs is a romance that will never end. I also like how you start with just the vocals ("shawty snapin' yeah yeah"). It tricks me for just a second into thinking that I am listening to a time traveling radio broadcast from earlier this year, but then the curtain is pulled back and Avril and her band enter the stage.

  3. Mishka

    Amazing Mash-up. I enjoyed "whatever paper planes you like," but this takes it to another level. you may be the next Girl Talk.

  4. A. H. Verpool

    Perfect pitch. Above average composition. Overall strong mash-up... seriously bro! ALTHOUGH: I should show you some of my techniques, teach you a thing or two. Here's my artist information and contact: topnotchmashedup.com (650) 184-8699 I really dig this 'Hot' track.

  5. ravelite

    Yeah, when these come together it really works. Nice job.

  6. Greg H

    epic girl pick-up

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