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hecksa wet

December 22nd 2008 by

hey all
I made this song on Ableton. I also used Tweakbench plug-ins. Rosie mentioned the glitch plug-in which I never used before so I decided to over use it. I have become an abuser of compressors as you can probably tell.

A lady told me the other day that she drinks her own pee so that is kind of the inspiration of the song.




3 Responses to “hecksa wet ”

  1. Mitch

    You gotta put together an album of this stuff and release it on that awesome record label we're not on.

  2. Rosie

    I like the Twang, it's like a cowboy on his way to the disco. My only complaint is I wish the song was longer! I wish the distance between the cowboy and the disco was longer and the horse never gets tired. Nice work Ryan!

  3. gojirra

    this song sounds so good it makes me think that drinking my own pee is probably a good idea. I'll stick to golden delicious martinellis for now though.

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