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Shadow in the Woods

December 24th 2008 by

MW - Shadow in the Woods

This song is not completed, but this deadline will be a good stopping place, so I can sit back and evaluate.

This song is a product of practice in a few different areas of song writing and production. First of all it is an attempt at making more interesting song structures. I have a certain knack for developing choruses and loops, but I am focusing on learning to create interesting transitions between parts. As I work further on this song I will try to make it as dense as possible with subtle changes, while still retaining enough repetition so that parts are recognizable. (The drums will get a lot more focus.) This song is also a departure from completely electronic music. Recording live instruments and voice is definitely a growing edge for me. I layered some vocals for this piece. Each vocal layer is a unique performance as well. I am also working on writing lyrics and singing. Turning off my self-editor is a continual struggle, but I am pleased with the results so far. I am going to attempt to carry that momentum into the process of writing the second half of the song.

The bands that I will be thinking about as I continue to work on this song: Of Montreal, and The Fiery Furnaces. I admire both of those bands for their sound, song structure, and lyrical content.

I'm sorry this is such a sad story on Christmas Eve. I have an idea for a bonus Christmas post that I am going to get to work on presently, and I should be able to post it later today. See you soon!

3 Responses to “Shadow in the Woods”

  1. ravelite

    Nice christmas story. Definitely reminded me of some lines from Of Montreal.

  2. gojirra

    sick feel to this song. hella good vocals. hella gem.

  3. Felix

    I like the Fiery Furnaces style payoff at 2:58.

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