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Robert DeNyro

December 2008 by


Here's a rough track. I just pieced it together, so there are some unwanted pops and the mix is not as smooth and tight as I would like it to be. I made it as a collaboration between records, Korg ESX-1, my mind, and Pro Tools. I experimented with some creamy side chain compression, which is almost working the way I'd like it to. I also experimented with slightly staggering the drums for "breath". Now I just need to find some dope rapper to drip some hot spit all over it! Who should I get to rap on it? Thanks for listening dudes,

p.s. Sorry this is like two days late.

6 Responses to “Robert DeNyro”

  1. gojirra

    The utter funk that you blast with this beat sneaks up fast with some heat. Sick sick sick sick.


    I'm interested in how you used the sidechain compression. is that why the drums seem to effect the dynamics of the bass?

  3. Jerko

    I made the kick drum trigger compression on the bass synths and the vocal sample. I tried to use it fairly subtly. Yeah, I like how sidechain compression creates more variation in the dynamics of a track. The other tracks duck back a little in volume when the kick hits which I think can give the kick a more powerful feel, if that makes any sense. I'm just starting to learn how to use it though, so I don't know too much yet. Does that answer the question? Thanks!

  4. ravelite

    why is it called robert de nyro? is that him on the vocal breathing?

  5. Jerko

    No, I sampled a Laura Nyro song. The Robert thing was just a silly play on words.


    I'm picking up what you're throwing down as far as side chaining. Thanks. I will try it sometime.

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