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Chopped N Skrewed Cover

January 4th 2009 by

Sorry about the lateness, guys.  This one's a cover of the T-Pain hit "Chopped N Skrewed."  Ludacris does a rap verse on the original, but I cut it out in my version (sorry Luda).  This cover dips into the realm of earnest singer-songwriter music, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Anyway, here it is.

chopped n skrewed

8 Responses to “Chopped N Skrewed Cover”

  1. gojirra

    absolutely amazing.

  2. Jerko

    Dude, this is great. I really like the chopping and screwing in the acoustic context. Totally awesome.

  3. ravelite

    Ditto, what Jerko said. Nice job.

  4. Rosie

    amazing! great work. I like how the chorus is literally chopped and screwed with the glitching and the tape stop only used very subtly, it doesn't take away from the acoustic integrity, but still gives it a modern edge. Nice vocals as well, it sounds very natural and not forced. love it!

  5. Mike

    This is well crafted. I really like the little crescendos before the choruses.


    sounds great. I'm curious, did you chop up all of you tracks after they were mixed, or did you chop up each track seperatly? Also, did you plan to chop it up like that when you started or was it a reslut of experimenting? sorry about all the questions.

  7. ill million (lee)

    I recorded everything, mixed it down, and then did the chopping and screwing. I actually tried to copy the chop/screw pattern of the original song, for the most part, but it ends up sounding different because of differences in the vocals and instrumentation. I'm glad you all liked it. P. out lee

  8. Emilly

    So I just listened to the original/watched the video on youtube and I am really into the way yours sounds. It's kind of funny how glitchy the original is because T Pain's voice is already edited to sound robotic/computerized, so it sounds like a really futuristic sounding song. I am also glad you didn't include Ludacris' rap... great job, Lee.

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