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This track is the first of a series I hope to put together utilizing a capella's and instrumental tracks from the top of the charts. My goal is to eventually be able to perform a live set that transitions between a famous instrumental backing an original a capella track, to a famous a capella track with an original instrumental. Ultimately I would like to be able to play live instruments to back up the famous a capellas. I'm going to try and restrict myself to a capellas and instrumentals from the Billboard Hot 100 list.

One difficulty with using instrumentals and a capellas is finding them. I found this a capella as a video on YouTube.  I downloaded the video using KeepVid then I converted the video file to just an audio track using WinFF. The Street Culture Musik blog is another great source of a capellas and instrumentals. If you are searching for a particular song I also recommend including the phrase "promo cd" in your search.

This remix itself sounds a little bit like what I would have made in 2006. It was a little bit of a rush job, and it will get some major overhaul as part of the over all Billboard Hot 100 Project. In any case I should stop making excuses and take Lady Gaga's advice.

Lady GaGa - Just Dance (MW Remix)

2 Responses to “The Billboard Hot 100 Project Part 1”

  1. Mike

    By the way: http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=beyonce-lady-gaga-lead-us Where is the science?

  2. Felix

    I heard this while listening to the radio and I really liked when the beat drops on 1:28 to the point where I was bobbing my head. Its a great blend. I also enjoy the intro.

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