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side chain massacre

This was originally intended to be a rap beat but then I put too much side chain compression and added too many pulsing layers of super charged synths along with the ever pounding, thunder crushing drum tracks.  This song is a series of build ups and break downs, but mostly the adrenalin never stops flowing the entire time.  The high pitched piano line is the only live instrument here. 

Thanks, Enjoy

3 Responses to “If his heart stops pumping adrenalin... It will be the day Chev Chelios dies”

  1. gojirra

    nice and danceable. I love the drum rolls and said pulsiness.

  2. Mike

    This sounds like getting involved in a conspiracy too dark to imagine, while still having the guts to infiltrate the White House to steal the briefcase. In the end you get away, but you leave behind easily traceable black threads from your Navy Seal sweater.

  3. ill million (lee)

    Hella. This is a great "man on a mission" theme. I want it as my ringtone.

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