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January 6th 2009 by


I've hit a wall with this one. It's already late so I just posted it. Anyone have any suggestions? Someone said the word "subpoenas" and it made me laugh because it sounds like... well, you know.

love ryan (RS.WAS.RAT)

2 Responses to “Subpoenas”

  1. gojirra

    I really like the synths. Right before the end of the song when the drums mellow out and then stop is really great, maybe you could expand on that. The drums are awesome but I cant help but feel they might be detracting from the buttery melodies.

  2. Rosie

    I agree that the drum is detracting from the buttery melodies too, I think it probably just needs some more time to break it up a bit and teach the listener how to follow it, and possibly another track that ties the two together, like another simple drum or something. I like when the melody gets all twittery towards the middle and I love that the drums are super complex.

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